This two-year-old cat was terrified of humans, and she would not allow herself to be handled. When someone reaches out to pat her, she instantly begins hissing and attempting to hide in a distant area of the room.

The animal was taken in by a young woman called Fiona, who runs a cat rescue organization in Singapore. MURLYKA, according to her, may even wet herself with dread if someone comes close to her.

What Angie (the kitty’s name is) does is reasonable given her circumstances. Rescuers and officials stormed into a two-room flat in Singapore last year in order to save 94 ill and hungry cats from certain death. The animals were living in squalor and seemed to be in poor health.

Angie, who was a victim of this, was also one of them.

MURLY seemed to be apprehensive and frail. It took a long time for the rescuers to even get her onto a transport vehicle.

The owner of the pets had a large number of cats in order to sell them, but the animals were in such poor condition that they were unfit for such a purpose. It is notable that the guy spent little time with them, owing to the fact that practically all of the MURCs were unable and did not like to interact with other individuals on the battlefield.

Rescuers were called to the residence and removed all of the animals. Twelve months later, each of them had found a place to call home… Angie, on the other hand, is a different story! The tiny child remained wild and did not allow anybody to get anywhere near her.

Afterward, Fiona brought the cat home with her in the hopes that a change of environment would be beneficial to her.

Angie was playing with her toys and investigating the area when she came upon a video from the room where the cat resided. She watched it for a long and laughed. However, as soon as someone went into the room where the cat was, she instantly began hissing.

An entire year we passed in this manner!

On one occasion, Fiona stretched out without expecting anything in return and caressed the fur of the wild cat… Angie, on the other hand, did not move or hiss. One of the happiest times of her life, according to the young lady.

Angie has grown more loving with Fiona after that time. The once wild cat started to approach the child and sit next to her, which was a surprising turn of events.

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