He was born with water on his brain and legs that were deformed, and no one was interested in providing him with a home. All they could see were flaws, not the cat hiding behind them.

At 3 months, Nancy Lynch and Kaley’s Place Rescue thought that Zeke was too adorable to say exactly and chose to adopt him.

As a result of adopting Zeka and posting images of him on Facebook, she discovered the “Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society.”

Lisa is the founder of the Super Heroes Animal Hydrocephalus Society, which assists animals born with water on their brain heads. It was agreed with Nancy that Lisa and her team would go to New York to ensure Zeke had the necessary treatment he deserved. And it marked the beginning of their trek across Texas!

Zeke has been carefully cared about, and his disability now just serves to enhance his abilities. While he is playing with other cats, he bounces about since his legs aren’t working as well as the rest of them.

And, best of all, he met a wonderful companion at the Super Heros Animal Hydrocephalus Society, a cat Superhero who was born with the same brain disease as Zeke.

Zeke has been fortunate in that his holder loves him and that he now has the opportunity to live a normal and happy life.

By Anna

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