If you believe that animals are emotionless, the “human” actions of the mother cat in the photo below will cause you to rethink your beliefs.

An Indonesian social media user shared a video showing an adult cat burying a kitten, which was later deleted.

An anonymous user requested that people think twice before torturing any animals in a tweet sent out in May 2018 since animals have feelings just like humans.

It is written in the caption that the mother cat is burying her baby who was killed by a human.

In the photographs, a kitten can be seen lying in a small grave dug by the cat’s owner, which has been filled with dirt.

Immediately adjacent to it is a mother cat, who is bidding her farewells to her baby. The mother cat even used her paw to push the ground over the baby’s grave, which was a first.

A paw of the mother cat was used to push the earth away from the grave of her ill-fated child.

It is suggested that people should be more patient with animals because they do not harm us, according to the individual who posted the video.

At the time, she explained, “the mother cat was pregnant and all she needed was a safe place to give birth.”

Animals should not be chased or abused; instead, they should be treated with kindness.

It will not impoverish you if you provide them with food if they are hungry.”

Humans should treat all animals in nature with love and tolerance, according to everyone.

By Elen

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