While all cats are attractive, long-haired kitty cats have a unique quality that distinguishes them from the others. Especially if it’s mixed with the tuxedo cat design, there’s certain to be some exclamations of delight and awe. He found a home with a lady who has a soft spot for abandoned cats and who had previously rescued Wyatt, the abandoned kitten he used to be.

Currently, he lives with his cat mom and travels everywhere as an absolute badass! When you combine a typical cat attitude with gorgeous fur, it’s impossible not to appear stylish.

Maverick has been been featured on a well-known cat-centered website, which has helped to make him famous. Continue reading to learn how Maverick was discovered:

What brought you to Maverick?

A local rescue notified me that a cat with worms that I had registered for online was no longer available for adoption since the cat had gone. Using the information I provided in my letter about what I was searching for in a cat, they suggested another kitty called Wyatt to me. This adorable black and white kitten is 6 months old and is being fostered in the neighborhood where I live. I went to Wyatt’s house to meet him.

Despite the fact that he was not at all scared of me, I was unable to pat him since he was not a particularly sociable cat. His foster mother informed me that he, his three bonded pair, and their mother were discovered without their moms when they were four weeks old, according to his foster mother.

Due to his adamant refusal to allow me to pet him, I was unsure whether we’d make a suitable fit. However, he agreed to let me keep him for a few days in case we became friends, so I decided to give it a go. My heart belonged to Wyatt practically immediately after he arrived at my home, and he became my adopted son! Besides that, Wyatt said that he was unconcerned by his given name, which inspired the naming procedure.

To choose a name that would identify him as a “outlaw,” I read an alphabetic list of names aloud from the internet, and when I read Maverick, he meowed once more. When I repeated the name, he meowed once more. Maverick meowed as I read the names, so I repeated myself a third time, and he made the decision for himself.

By Elen

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