According to certain studies, one in every five pet owners became cat owners entirely by ‘accident.’ Nevertheless, given that it is a cat that picks its human parents, this is not a surprising development. A police officer from the Louisville Metro Police Department in Kentucky was involved in an adorable ‘accident’ that occurred lately.

Officer McDermott has always been great fond of animals, and “his 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 snakes & a Bearded dragon,” stand for it. But, for over a week now, the gentle officer’s furry family has only grown larger as a result of his purchase of the nicest ‘partner.’ The policeman was on patrol when he was tasked with completing the cutest rescue operation imaginable, given his position as an officer.

He had just just discovered a terrified little cat hiding beneath his vehicle and wanted to rescue the poor creature out of his predicament. But little did he realize that the adorable tiny creature would grow up to be his devoted companion.

Because the befuddled kitty refused to come out of the vehicle, officer McDermott used some delicious-smelling cheese to get her out, which was successful. However, as soon as he placed the small fluffy balls in his arm, the officer fell head over heels in love with them, and he chose to adopt the hapless kitty.

Now, the stray cat serves as the first furry cop at the Louisville Metro Police Department, and officer McDermott considers him to be his “purrfect companion.”

According to the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Facebook page, “Officer McDermott apprehended a cat burglar!” “Seriously, this is pawsitively the most purrrfect police partner someone could ever want for! Officer McDermott had to bribe this kitty with Cheese Its to get her to come out from beneath his vehicle. It is a fairy tail ending for this lost kitty as she now goes by Banshee and lives with Officer McDermott!”

By Elen

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