In Sri Lanka, a nice Samaritan discovered a seriously wounded kitten that was in critical need of assistance. It was a fortunate day.

No one expected this courageous kitten to make it, but he was determined to overcome the odds and live.

All he needed was for someone to believe in him and his abilities. Continue reading to find out how a caring hero helped this young champion have a second shot at life!

A Tragic Start

Sadly, when he was only 8 weeks old, Toothless was attacked by a dog and discarded outside a woman’s house, where he was joined by his sister.

She was devastated when she realized what had happened to her friend, Madhushani.

It was a terrible situation for Toothless, who was barely alive and unable to move.

“He couldn’t even lift his head,” Madhushani recalled of the man’s condition.

Toothless’s time was running out, and Madhushani needed to take action quickly to save him.

Madhushani took Toothless and his sister from the street and brought them inside their house to analyze the situation.

“Then we were able to see his lips and tongue.” “It was a catastrophe, and it was quite difficult to look at,” Madhushani added.

Toothless’ lower jaw was fractured, and his tongue was seriously wounded as a result of the accident.

After rescuing Toothless, Madhushani took him to the veterinarian, where he underwent emergency surgery.

“Even our veterinarian was taken aback and couldn’t believe he had survived the attack,” Madhushani said.

Given Toothless’s size and age, his odds of survival were minimal to non-existent.

Madhushani and her family, on the other hand, were eager to see him succeed!

The Road to Recovery

Following his operation, his family was committed to providing him with follow-up care throughout his recovery.

“It was the first time we had to confront such a tremendous obstacle, but we accomplished it!” Madhushani said.

All of Madhushani’s efforts were rewarded: Toothless not only lived, but he also healed from his injuries.

Unfortunately, Toothless had to have his jaw amputated, but he no longer had any open sores that may get infected.

Once the worst was passed, Madhushani could devote her attention to meeting the long-term requirements of Toothless.

“I’m now feeding him by hand,” she said. “We feed him drinks with special bottles,” says the caregiver.

Toothless may now rest easy knowing that he is in excellent care at the age of 8 months.

Helping Hands, Healing Hearts

When Toothless realizes that Madhushani has saved his life, he shows his gratitude with soft purrs.

The cat, according to Madhushani, “loves to snuggle and purrs as soon as he sees us.”

Toothless isn’t afraid to ask for what he wants, and he doesn’t hold back when he does.

“He is unable to properly meow, but he makes the most of it!” Madhushani expressed himself.

Toothless is a very noisy cat, despite the fact that he has difficulties meowing.

“He’s a polite, patient, and composed individual. “He never allows his injuries get the better of him,” Madhushani said. The doctor describes him as “very adaptable” and “a happy, healthy person.”

Madhushani became the legal guardian of Toothless and his sister.

This cute couple may often be spotted snuggling or curled up together for a good, long snooze, both dressed in warm sweaters of course!

Toothless the Triumphant

“Both Toothless and his sister have provided me with invaluable lessons. “They made a positive difference in my life,” Madhushani said.

The chances were stacked against him, yet Toothless proved them wrong and triumphed over the obstacles to live a full life.

This animal’s journey is a testimony to the tenacity and resilience of those who have unique needs.

Thanks to Madhushani, Toothless was given the unconditional love and affection he’s always deserved!

By Elen

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