There are many individuals who like their dogs, but there are also some who make the terrible choice of leaving them to their destiny as if they were things, or who give them up to a shelter without a second thought.

So, this guy from a village in North Africa was going down a deserted street at night when he heard a plaintive cry coming from the side of the road and stopped in his tracks.

The sound drew his attention, and he discovered a very young dog by the side of the road, wiggling and screaming in excruciating agony. During the process of removing the animal from the roadside, the guy saw that there was no mother dog or other dogs in the vicinity.

He understood, however, that he couldn’t take the chance of waiting for them to arrive since the baby wouldn’t survive another night outdoors. Upon arriving at his house, he fed and petted the puppy and recognized that the baby was starting to trust him, even if the infant was still scared and confused, and he would not stop whining in agony.

The dad placed the baby on a warm blanket and was at a loss for what to do when he noticed that he was still in agony. He called 911. One of the man’s other pets, a cat, instantly proceeded to nurse the small dog, licking him and comforting him in every way possible. Soon, the puppy fell asleep, and his new buddies curled up next to him. It was quite endearing, and they played an important role in the baby’s recovery.

By Elen

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