After being abandoned as rubbish in the harsh temperatures when he was barely 7 weeks old and born without front limbs, he died. But this is a good time to see him!

Despite his best efforts, Cupid’s life did not begin on a hopeful note. An ethereal dog was found in a rubbish can in Toronto in January of this year, enclosed in a garbage bag. In the chilly rain, he was tossed out like scrap iron since he was only 7 weeks old and had no frontal lobes at birth.

Not only has Cupid won over the hearts of his Facebook followers, but he has also been provided with new prosthetic legs to complete his transformation!

Cupid was given this name because of the little heart-shaped nose he has and his adorable demeanor by his dedicated caregiver at The Dog Saviors, Inc., a non-profit organization situated in Oakville, Ontario. He has flourished and matured as a result of their guidance. Cupid’s veterinarian thinks that Cupid is a Great Pyrenees mix and that his impairment is the product of an inheritable ailment rather than maltreatment on the part of the owner.

Pawsability, a Toronto-based company that specializes in prosthetic frontal branches, produced and gifted him with his own frontal branch. Cupid’s new legs have been fitted with a teeny-tiny pair of training skis to assist him in building strength in his lower legs and core, as well as getting used to walking on four limbs. Furthermore, they come in quite helpful throughout the long, snowy Canadian winter!

In the words of The Dog Saviors’ Facebook Page, Cupid is doing well on his new legs and will be ready for adoption soon!

If you are unable to borrow but would want to contribute to Cupid’s rehabilitation and that of the several other exceptional puppies rescued by this incredible connection, please go here. Then you may make a gift by clicking here.

It was recently announced on Facebook that The Dog Saviors, Inc. has contributed to a charming post about Cupid to their Facebook Page.

In the bustling town area, a passing motorist decided to investigate the noises coming from a junk caddy and ended up changing his life forever. Soon after, this adorable little boy came into our care. An emergency trip to the Emerg sanitarium revealed that he was in good health.

The adventure started when he was put under the protection of his adoptive parents, Linda and Bob, and the journey began. Cupid is the moniker we gave to his little heart-shaped nose. At times, we were desperate to get him off the ground and into a moving vehicle, so we began working with Janice and her firm, PawsAbility, which was based in Toronto, to fit and mitigate his mobility issues. His first few months were spent in little ” skis,” which progressed to his ” bus,” a custom-made wheelchair that expanded with him as he matured.

The passage of time transformed his little tale into enormous news, with blessings and queries flooding in from all directions, which is a breath of fresh air. This wonderful young kid, who had been thrown down as scrap by someone, was melting hearts and souls all around the world, and the donors’ club assisted him with his warhorse fees and wheelchair expenses. The amount of emotional attention for a tiny canine who was tossed into the garbage has been overwhelming, and I am pleased to see so many people pause and hold a place in their hearts for this little canine that they had never seen before.

Hundreds upon hundreds of procedures to borrow him were entered, and when the moment came, it was evident to all of us that Cupid had been a resident of another world before coming to ours. This tiny bundle of joy was once the pride and joy of his adoptive parents, and he was also in the best home for him at the time. Aside from his canine siblings, summers spent swimming in the lake, and the love of his parents, particularly his Mama, and trendy friend Linda, who not only wears her heart on her sleeve but also has Q tattooed on her arm, Cupid has a wonderful existence. Her exquisite artwork was created by original artist Bert Jackson who also received an addition to his family as a result of our delivery, which we find to be quite satisfying.

This is a “happy tail,” but it is also a Thanksgiving story about the world coming together and being glad that this one small life lived to tell the tale. Please join me in being grateful for everyone who is a part of our family this Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone feels as lucky as we do and takes the time to find a space in their hearts for everyone’s life, no matter how large or tiny.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the transformation of so many lives! Thank you for reading and please remember to be safe this Thanksgiving!

By Anna

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