The animal rescue organization in South Asia got a report about a dog that had been staying in an old home after hearing barking for a few days in a row.

When the rescuers arrived, they found that the apartment had lack of electricity and might have been vacated for years before their arrival.

They didn’t believe that there had been a dog in the home since it didn’t seem to be one from the outside until they heard barking. A little puppy was discovered tied up in a closet, unable to move or flee. They took the animal upstairs and gave her a good home.

They promptly freed her and removed the rope that had been wrapped around her neck. It had been knotted so tightly around her neck that it had lodged itself into her flesh, causing raw, agonizing skin to appear on her neck.

They took her to the veterinarian, where her wound was cleaned and she was placed on a healthy diet. She recovered quickly.

Fortunately, except for a minor neck injury, she was given a clean bill of health and was able to go on to have a fulfilling life.

It is unclear who chained up and abandoned this poor puppy in that vacant house, but what matters most is that she is now secure and will never have to fear being neglected again!

By Anna

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