“Bubby the Pit Bull” was a puppy when he was taken advantage of and used as bait by an illegal dogfighting ring. By the time he was rescued, he had suffered both physical and mental torture. While the punctures and infections spread throughout his malnourished body, he screamed for help.

His wounds reeked of decaying flesh, and he was unable to function due to his tremendous exhaustion. He was finally moved up on the kill list as a result of these discouraging circumstances.

The last-minute intervention saved Bubby’s life by preventing him from being physically abused, but his problems were far from ended. He was imprisoned in a garage for the next two months, treated as if he were a useless piece of garbage. At long last, a lady became aware of his condition and adopted him without giving it a second thought. During his time in his savior’s automobile, Bubby was dejected and bewildered, not realizing that his life was going to be changed forever.

Bubby’s heart was warmed as he experienced love and care from his new mother for the first time. He had enough room to work over his shyness and worries at his own rate because she offered him that space. His incredible physical and mental recovery over the course of many months astounded those who saw it. The lady who saved his life became very important to him and he developed severe separation anxiety as a result of his attachment to her (it is quite understandable considering what he has been through).

In order to provide him with a feeling of security and stability while she was not around, Bubby’s owner opted to crate train him. Crate training was the catalyst for Bubby’s recognition of a fresh sense of comfort in blankets! Every morning, he would snort gleefully and wag his tail as he stepped out of his kennel and paraded around the house with his blanket in tow!

Bubby’s blanket served as a kind of safety net for him, reassuring him that everything will be well in the end. Even though his traumatic experiences and nightmares were slowly fading away, he was able to maintain his precious “blankie ritual” to a significant degree. In due course, he acquired a similar attachment to his pillows, toys, and pretty much everything else that reminded him of home!

After adopting another rescue Pit Bull called Simon to keep him company, Bubby’s family gave him the finest present of all: another Pit Bull! However, Bubby’s blanket fixation did not end up being as successful as they expected. Due to Simon’s tremendous affection for and admiration for Bubby, it was only a matter of time until he emulated his brother’s blanket love without hesitation! Aww! Pit Bulls are such sweethearts, and they’re so cute.

With the aid of his trusty blanket, Bubby is learning to deal with his previous traumas in the video seen below.

By Anna

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