I had to give this adorable, rescued kitten four washes to get her to the right shade of white.

Fortunately, a compassionate lady discovered this kitten, who was alone and terrified on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

She was not moving at all when I first saw her, simply huddled in the corner of the building in this terrible shivering lump,” I recall thinking. My heart was broken.

I didn’t even realize she was a cat until I took another look at her! I was fortunate (or fate!) to have parked outside of my building that day because if I had parked in the parking garage, I would have missed her totally – thus everything was a stroke of luck,” Cynthia said on Reddit.

She simply cuddled against my neck since I had no clue whether she was harmed or if anything had broken.

She didn’t seem to be seriously injured — just filthy, thirsty, and hungry, based on my short inspection of her condition. “I’m delighted I came upon her at the right time.”

When the kitten arrived at her foster home, she immediately recognized that she was in excellent hands and expressed appreciation throughout the trip.

“She’s a real sweetheart. During the first part of the drive to my friend’s home, she curled up on the seat next to me, but she quickly warmed up and began pressing her head into my palm.” Cynthia went on to say more.

Even though the kitten was filthy and hungry when she arrived, Tisha, who has taken on the responsibility of caring for her, says she is in fantastic condition. “After a trip to the vet, four baths, and numerous cans of food, she is in excellent health,” Tisha says of the cat.

Even though no microchip could be located, the feline was outfitted with an eye-catching collar. No one came forward to claim her when she was discovered, and posters and photographs were placed throughout the neighborhood. They are now on a quest to locate the tiny furry friend a permanent home, something she so desperately needs.

She weighs a little less than 4 pounds, which indicates that she is roughly 3–4 months old. The companionship of humans, cuddling, and attention are her favorite things, and she is quite lively. ”

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