As a result of their separation, Harvey’s owners were unable to provide for him. He was surrendered to Faithful Friends Animal Society, where he is now thriving. Since then, he has waited patiently every day in hopes of being adopted.

Harvey chose to prove to the world that he is a good guy and a hero after four years of waiting for someone to come forward.

On a walk with one of the shelter’s dog handlers, Harvey began barking at a storm drain, which was causing concern. They approached the drain gently to have a better look and discovered a kitten that had become trapped. When the cat department of the shelter got on the scene to assist in saving the kitten, they discovered that there was more than one trapped kitten.

“With regular check-ins, the crew was finally victorious,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post about the incident. Approximately two weeks after the first kitten was discovered, we were able to locate and rescue two additional kittens.”

Beta, Brie, and Brewster were the names given to the three ginger kittens. Because it poured for days after all of the kittens were rescued, Harvey’s nose and hero instincts came to the rescue just in time. All three have been placed in loving foster homes and will be available for adoption as soon as possible after their placement.

Harvey, on the other hand, is still hunting for his forever home. This sweet guy enjoys baseball and all he requires is a family that will be patient with him as he adjusts to his new surroundings. The shelter’s Faithful Friends Sanctuary Care Program has taken good care of the beautiful boy while he was there. A program that provides a haven for animals who are difficult to adopt because of a terminal illness, medical condition, or behavioral issues is available.

“He would make an excellent agility dog, as well as a running or hiking companion.” Harvey would also like to spend time cuddling up on the couch and watching television. Harvey would be best suited as an only pet, even though he has dog pals his size at the shelter,” the shelter adds. Who could resist his endearing smile?!

Someone, please take in Harvey and raise him as their own. Adopt rather than purchase.

Shelters and rescue organizations report that July is one of their busiest months of the year. As the stray population grows and more homeless dogs are taken in, these shelters are finding it increasingly difficult to provide adequate nutrition for the animals.

A single rescue pet will require an average of 100 meals while being held at a shelter while waiting to be adopted into their future home. It is the goal of National Feed A Rescue Pet Week to bring attention to the needs of animal shelters at this critical time, as well as support from animal supporters all around the world. To provide 4 million meals for homeless pets, GreaterGood is rising to the occasion. However, we can’t accomplish it without your help.

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