In the case of Wilford, his weight is 12.7 kilos, which, according to the estimates of his temporary owners, is equivalent to the weight of practically three cats. It brings him great joy to run after toys and other little objects with his paw while waiting for a permanent home to be found for him.

After many years of neglect, the cat was forced to leave his previous residence since his owner could no longer provide for him.

Afterward, Wilford, a little boy of eight years old, was subjected to excessive exposure.

The cat is now being helped to lose weight — after all, it weighs 12.7 kilograms and needs to lose weight.

During the inspection by the vets, it was discovered that the cat had additional lesions that needed to be treated as well. Wilford is content with a little amount of physical exercise to reduce weight. 

In the opinion of Wilford’s temporary owners, he is quite amusing, even though his range of motion is restricted owing to his body weight. Now that Wilford has gained weight, he is searching for a new home where he will feel comfortable.

As a foster cat, Wilford lives in a home with other cats, which causes him to be a bit apprehensive at times. While his temporary owners are hopeful that a permanent home will be found for this large male puppy, they are also concerned that he will be groomed and loved within the typical range of expectations.

By Anna

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