A stray kitty in Bulgaria, who was blind and unwell, begged for rescue outside an old apartment building on a busy street.

Even though the ill cat was in great agony and desperately cried out for aid, everyone who saw and heard her just continued going without stopping to assist her.

That is, until Stoyan and Dessy stumbled upon the miserable little kitten and decided to save him.

The couple are passionate animal lovers who are actively hunting for stray cats to rescue and care for on their property.

They scour their neighborhood for stray cats in need, and they want to one day create their own cat sanctuary there as a result.

After discovering the blind and scared kitten, they could hardly believe that no one had attempted to assist it prior to their discovery.

Because it was so little, afraid, and defenseless, and because its little tummy was severely bloated, it was abandoned.

Because of a terrible eye infection, the kitten’s eyes were totally shut, leaving her helpless and suffering.

After hearing the kitten’s cries for many minutes, Dessie carefully picked her up into her arms and took her to the veterinarian.

The small kitten was so glad to finally be receiving assistance, as well as fatigued from all of the stress and anguish she had through, that once Dessie took her up, the little cat fell asleep in her hands and did not awaken until they were at the veterinarian’s office a short time later.

Dessie and Stoyan made certain that the tiny cat had all of the medical treatment she required, including her vaccinations, before releasing her.

The veterinarian cleansed the kitten’s eyes and provided her with treatment for an eye infection. Her eyes are now half open, and she is able to view some of the surrounding environment once again.

She’s now residing with Dessie and Stoyan, who are doing all they can to ensure that she feels as secure and happy as possible throughout her visit.

This tiny kitten is going to be OK, thanks to the efforts of Dessie and Stoyan.

The small kitty is becoming stronger and healthier with each passing day, and she will always be grateful to her two rescuers for their kindness and sacrifice in preserving her life.

To be able to help even more cats in need, Dessie and Stoyan want to create a cat shelter in the near future. The couple is now covering the costs of all they do with their own money and the help of donations.

They aim to one day open their own shelter where they will be able to rescue even more cats and contribute to the fight against animal cruelty.

Dessie and Stoyan are making a real difference in the world, and we’re so glad that people like them exist.

By Elen

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