A image of two adorable shelter dogs consoling each other and waiting to be adopted caught Melinda’s attention as she was reading through Facebook.

The picture crushed her heart into a million pieces. Melinda realized without a second thought that the least she could do for these poor individuals was to provide foster care for them. Soon after, Sarah and her husband Casey dashed to the animal shelter to claim these two little angels for themselves.

For the Dodo, Melinda explained that she had seen a photograph of them crouched down in the corner, clutching on to each other. “They seemed to be in such bad shape. Their owner had just dumped them off at the shelter without providing any more information. They needed to understand what it was like to be loved, and I wanted to be the one who taught them.”

Despite the fact that Melinda’s intentions were only kind, the two pit bulls were quite cautious. They’d gone through a lot and couldn’t put their faith in humanity any more. And, to be honest, no one can really blame them. They just had faith in one another. Louie looked up to Bridget, the ginger pit bull, as if she were a big sister to the younger dog.

When they returned home, the situation seemed to have improved as the befuddled dog began to recognize that they were now in a secure location. But even so, the two were inseparable. It was crystal clear that only that special bond they share kept them alive. However, meeting new dogs and loving people positively changed Louis and Bridget.

“It was incredible to witness how much they opened up simply by being in our house,” Minda says. Our dogs, on the other hand, didn’t show any signs of improvement until they were exposed to them.” They were more enthusiastic about meeting our pets than they were about meeting us.”

Even while it is lovely when two shelter dogs have such a strong attachment, it makes it very difficult for them to be adopted without having to be separated. However, fortunately for Louis and Bridget, it was their special friendship that proved to be of assistance. A lady from San Diego, called Monica, was moved by their relationship and expressed an interest in adopting them right immediately.

Melinda knew from the first moment she met Monica that she was the best parent for these two wonderful dogs, even though it was very difficult for her to say goodbye to them. “It’s never easy to let go when you’re a foster parent,” Melinda said. “You fall in love with them at every turn, and all you want for them is for them to have the best life possible.” When they eventually made it to their new house, it seemed like they had arrived at their destination. The fact that they are here indicates that they were intended to be.”

By Elen

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