What began as a pleasant walk for this canine rapidly transformed into a more intense game of duck-duck-goose for both of them. This dog from North Carolina is called Winston, and he’s very curious about everything. When he was out walking at the park, he couldn’t keep his eyes off some ducks.

This video, which was posted on Winston’s TikTok account, with golden, shows Winston paddling around in the middle of a canal as you hear a mummified record scratch followed by a voiceover stating, “Winston, you’re the best.” You guessed I’m talking about myself. If you’re like most people, you’re probably asking how I got myself into this scenario. ”

Winston was strolling down the canal in Charlotte’s Freedom Park on a gorgeous, sunny day when the question was asked. Then he saw a group of ducks in the lake nearby. Winston jumped into the water without a second’s hesitation, swimming toward the luring water birds, almost carrying his owner away and causing the camera to spin.

As of Jan. 10, the video has received 7.4 million views due to its amusing nature. Later in the week, Winston’s Instagram account shared another video, this time with further information.

This time, we hear Winston’s owner (regrettably, it turns out) exclaim, “Winston, what are those?” as he trots by the floating birds. As he prepares to plunge into the sea, his owner realizes that it is too late.

As he flops into the water, she whispers something. In her subsequent communication, she is coaxing her now-swimming dog to rejoin her on land for a drizzly stroll back to her house. The 16-second video received an additional 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Yes, the water seems to be green, but Winston’s owner said in several comments that she had spoken with various veterinarians after her dog’s unintentional swim. In addition, during the summer months, you’re more likely to encounter something like blue-green algae, which is harmful to dogs.

But we can’t really hold it against this cute golden retriever. Those who know them will tell you how loving and playful they are, and their passion for retrieving is right there in the name, which explains why they are also skilled hunters. In the end, it’s hard to blame ol’ Win because when he noticed those ducks, his golden retriever instincts took over and he did what he did!

Taking your dog for frequent walks helps to keep them in good physical and mental shape—and might provide some extra thrills if you happen to glimpse some wildlife. However, we’ve learned from Winston that it’s better to look than to chase, which is especially true when touring a city park.

For those who are wondering how frequently they should be walking their dog, consider the following variables to help you determine the appropriate frequency of walks. It’s the best you can do with the leash.

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