Tracy Fowler of Mendon, Vermont has devoted her life to rescuing puppies from animal shelters that the majority of people would pass by without ever seeing.

Since the loss of her German Shepherd, Hayden, she has been focusing on growing her new pack, which now has eight puppies.

Meet The Fowler Herd, a group of dogs with unique needs and those who had been fighting to find a home before they came to our sanctuary. They have now found their permanent home.

Hayden passed away fighting against a canine disease known as degenerative myelopathy, according to his owner, who spoke to the website Bored Panda.

He was a special-needs dog who, in his final years, was paralyzed as a result of the horrendous illness.

That didn’t seem to deter Hayden, according to Tracey, and he continued to participate in sports till the end of his life. 

Tracey chose to make a difference in the lives of other dogs like Hayden when he died, as a tribute to his fortitude.

“At the moment, I have eight canine companions. I had six people with special needs, and two of them were German Shepherds I had before I adopted the others.”

It is not just Tracey who supplies the Fowler Herd with love and attention; the herd also gets along well with each other.

When it snows on the farm, Tracey loves to switch the wheels on each of the children’s chairs for skis so that they may continue to play outdoors in the winter. 

“If you are terrified of feces and urine, maybe adopting a special-needs pet is not the best option for you.” If you’re okay with it, it’s no different than if they were walking, says the author.

“If we are able to teach one owner that there is an alternative to saying farewell to their ailing pet, then we have accomplished our purpose.” 

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