Dogs are unquestionably our guardian angels, and there are many accounts of their amazing – and sometimes lifesaving – deeds. Even an angel, though, may find themselves in need of assistance. However, when this small dog needed assistance, two flight attendants stepped in and saved her life.

Michelle Burt, her husband Steven, and their three dogs boarded a JetBlue aircraft from Florida to Massachusetts, thinking it would be a typical journey since they had been on the airline many times before. As part of the following procedure, the Burts kept their pets in carriers below their seats. After taking off, Michele found that one of her dogs, Darcy, a gorgeous French Bulldog, had had respiratory difficulties. She immediately called the vet.

Michele opened Darcy’s carrier’s door to check on her since she was concerned. The lady was well aware that she was going against the rules of the airline, but her dog’s life was in jeopardy!

According to the lady, she had noted that her tongue had become bluish, which she recognized as an indication of inadequate oxygen at the time. “I dragged her out from under the seat and put her on my lap to help her cool off and relax since she was terrified and breathing rapidly.”

Since flight attendant Renaud Fenster is completely unaware of what is going on, he originally ordered Michele to return her dog, since aviation regulations are highly stringent in these types of instances. His coworker, Diane Asher, was alerted as soon as he recognized it would be a severe situation, and he raced to assist her as well. 

The two members of the crew attempted to cool Darcy down with ice packs at first but were ultimately unable. Then Renaud, who also happens to be the owner of a French Bulldog, had another idea. However, it goes against the established procedure. However, he was willing to take that danger to save the life of the unfortunate dog.

The little oxygen tank with a mask attached was brought by Renaud, who presented it to Michelle, adding, “Maybe this will help,” Michelle recalled. Renaud and Diane rescued a life, and although some may discount the value of life because Darcy is a canine, I do not think this to be the case.

The actions of the two flight attendants saved Darcy’s life, although they had to go against the regulations to do this. So, once they had arrived and Darcy had completely recovered, Michele decided to write a letter to express her gratitude to these two wonderful women. I just wanted to express my gratitude to JetBlue and Renaud and Diane for doing an excellent job while also being wonderful people.

When the businesses learned of the issue, they couldn’t have been more pleased. Their deeds were even lauded by the two ladies themselves! According to a statement released by JetBlue, the aim is to inspire mankind, and the airline is very proud of its great crew members who continuously display a passion for providing excellent customer service.

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