When Ruth Hulett opened her door to go for a stroll outdoors one day, a stray cat interpreted her action as an invitation and entered her house, causing her to panic. She had no idea who he was or where he’d come from, but he seemed to feel he belonged in that place, which she found strange.

The cat prowled about Hulett’s home, evidently looking for mischief, so Hulett decided to try to find something they could do as a family that they could enjoy together.

“He was a bit of a bull in a china shop,” Hulett said, according to The Dodo. “He knocked over my coffee and a light.” “I assumed I’d try to distract his attention with cat videos, and it worked!”

Whenever Hulett turned on her laptop, the cat became instantly interested in the movies. He had such a good time that he came back the following day to see additional films — and continued to do so days after that.

Hulett’s feline buddy now pays her a daily visit in the early afternoon to spend time with her as they watch films together. The two have had a wonderful time interacting and getting to know one another, and Hulett likes learning more about her new friend with each visit, especially his passion for cat flicks, which she finds particularly endearing.

The reason for this is that “he’s a picky eater,” Hulett added. “He doesn’t care for rat movies, but he enjoys mouse movies.” The ones with birds are his personal favorites. If I stop the film, he strikes me in the face with his delicate small paws.”

It was at this time that the cat started visiting Hulett’s house and she imagined it belonged to a family who had newly moved to the neighborhood. She wondered whether they were aware of where he went daily and couldn’t help but smile at the possibility of them finding out what he was up to under her watch.

According to Hulett’s Facebook post, “His owners assume he’s out wandering around, channeling his inner mountain lion.” “He’s instead of hanging out with me on kitty Netflix,” says the author.

Hulett has just recently learned that the cat’s name is Rex and that he does have a family of his own.

The time has come for Hulett to go, but she wants to call Rex’s family first to notify them of his hidden existence before she leaves.

However, Rex will likely find another neighbor to amuse and entertain him — and maybe, just perhaps, they will enjoy viewing cat videos together as well.

By Elen

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