Because of his severe injuries, Griswald was unable to move or even breathe when he arrived at the Albuquerque shelter. Shelter workers were not sure whether he would survive.

A broken back and several gunshot wounds were the only things keeping Griswald alive when he came to Albuquerque Animal Welfare’s shelter in late January. He was 4 years old and had been abandoned in a ditch with his back shattered.

About three months later, though, our friend has a new cart to help him walk and is enjoying life in his new home, where he even gets into some mischief.

According to Deirdre Grinenko, a veterinarian at the shelter, “I’ve been practicing for 25 years and have never seen such an extraordinary recovery from a dog that has had this sort of spinal damage.”

According to her description, he had arrived with his back legs immobilized and one of his vertebrae had been forced out of position to the point that she was concerned that his spinal cord could have been cut.

Pain medication, IV fluids, and supportive care were provided by the shelter. As Grinenko explains, it was the kind of damage that is normally fatal unless the animal is sent to a neurosurgeon quickly, and the shelter does not have those kinds of resources on hand.

A little more than a week after arriving at the shelter, Griswald began to demonstrate voluntary movement in his rear legs, according to Grinenko. Not long after that, he used his nose to pry open the entrance to the outer area of his kennel and made his way outdoors, dragging his rear legs at first but eventually succeeding.

Arline Gregoire, a volunteer at the shelter’s clinic, began coming on a regular basis to assist Griswald with her duties. She recalls that “he was a little shaky.” At first, he was only able to manage a few yards on the ground.

At the end of February, they were able to acquire Griswald a K9 Cart via Kennel Kompadres, a gift fund for the Albuquerque Animal Shelter. The cart provides support for Griswald’s rear legs while he walks, and also aids in the recovery of some of the strength he has lost as a result of his injuries.

“We were taking him around since he was putting on muscle,” Gregoire explains. “Griswald was a kind and kind soul who loved everyone he met.”

When Griswald was able to move around the house without help from his cart, the shelter said he was ready for adoption. For longer walks, he still needs help.

Lori DeAnda had been seeking a dog for nearly six months when Griswald appeared in her daily email of adoptable pets, which she received from Petfinder. In an interview with Daily Paws, she says, “I saw his face and instantly fell in love with him.”

Because her husband had a stroke in 2006, she says he was anxious about having a dog that would leap up and knock him down. She feels she was right to be afraid. As soon as she saw a photo of Griswald, she immediately thought, “He’s not going to be leaping.”

When she and Victor visited the shelter on Saturday, they were introduced to Griswald, and “that was all it took,” she adds. They picked him up and brought him home the same day.

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A new house and a new toy

She claims that Griswald is a perfect match for their family and that he is a little naughty, like most other dogs, which is typical of his breed.

DeAnda and Griswald entered the garage on Tuesday, just a few days after DeAnda and Griswald had moved in with them. It doesn’t take long until he races by me, she adds. One of the winter gloves had been stolen from an adjacent shelf by the mischievous pooch. She claims that since then, the one-of-a-kind glove has become his favorite toy.

According to DeAnda, the glove is tucked into Griswald’s bed until he wants to play with it, at which point he takes it out and tosses it in the air. “He has other toys, but that glove is his favorite,” says the narrator.

DeAnda describes Griswald as “simply the ideal dog,” despite the fact that he has been through something horrific. They “want to spend the rest of Griswald’s life making up for the abuse he received,” according to the book.

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