Booger, the German shepherd, became trapped behind a truck after being startled into hiding by a storm. A team of first responders was able to pull him out with their own hands after a storm scared him into hiding.

Storms are terrifying for everyone, even humans, so it’s no wonder that this Texas German shepherd was terrified by a rainstorm in his backyard. It is a bit strange, though, that poor Booger was discovered caught in the undercarriage of his owner’s vehicle rather than on the ground.

Roger Grimes, the owner of 2-year-old Booger, discovered where his pooch was hiding on Sunday when he saw a tail emerging from beneath his pickup truck, according to a Facebook post by the Lufkin Police Department. It seems that, based on the footage that was published on YouTube, the dog’s body became wedged between the truck’s chassis and its axles. This is not good!

As soon as one of his rescuers gave him a glass of water, the trio of first responders started to work, attempting to get Booger—sorry—out of his twisted situation in the truck’s underbody, which necessitated removing the truck’s front driveshaft and sway bar from the underbody. In addition to nipping at his rescuers, the dog was obviously scared during the encounter. The animal control officer decided to sedate Booger and put him in a muzzle for his own protection as well as the safety of the people who were assisting him. This would make it possible for the team to get the dog to a safe place without putting him or his rescuers in danger.

So I crawled beneath the car and took a quick look at the surroundings. That he managed to get in was beyond belief. No one knows how he performed, but he was rotated off of the team. Just plain terrified, that’s all “Cpt. Eric Parrish of the Lufkin Fire Department said on KTRE. Despite the fact that I could hear him whimpering, I couldn’t find him. Consequently, I sank on my tummy and retrieved my camera from my backpack. When I inquired as to what he was doing up there, he responded with a moan of his own. ”

So I crawled beneath the car and took a quick assessment of the situation. I couldn’t believe he had managed to get in there. No one knows how he did it, but he was cycled out of the room. He was just terrified, that’s all. ” According to Capt. Eric Parrish of the Lufkin Fire Department, “Despite the fact that I could hear him whimpering, I couldn’t see him.” As a result, I sank to my belly and grabbed my camera. I inquired as to what he was doing up there, and he responded with a whimper. ”

As a result, the firemen were able to release the stressed-out Booger’s front legs, and after a little shimmying about, pushing and tugging, they were able to remove the other two, allowing him to eventually escape from the bottom of the truck. 

Watch the video below:

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