As this small dog has learned the hard way, it is not necessary to be large in order to be a hero. All of this happened after a brief stroll for the 3-year-old Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix turned into a life-saving expedition. A helpless kitten was given a second chance as a result of her generosity!

Hazel, an endearing puppy that lives with her mother, Monica Burks, in Abilene, Texas, has always been a sweetheart. She has a kind disposition. The charming little pup was only a few weeks old when she was adopted by her human mother, and she has been certain since then that the adorable dog would bring her a lot of pleasure in the days to come. Monica, on the other hand, would never have imagined that her dog would one day become a life-saving hero. But it happened on a wet day, which was perfect!

Despite the fact that she is a princess, Hazel constantly asks herself out for her necessities, no matter what the weather is like. And the same thing occurred this time as well. However, since it was pouring, Monica anticipated that Hazel would return to the house immediately, but this was not the case. As a result, the lady became concerned that her small furry buddy had been separated from her. Instead, the kind canine was assisting in the saving of another’s life.

After seeing a defenseless stray kitten sobbing in the rain while taking a little stroll across the neighborhood, Hazel hurried over to console her. As soon as she acquired the confidence of the small cat, Hazel led her back to the safety of her own house. Monica, the person who was able to record the romantic moment, couldn’t believe what she was seeing with her own eyes.

You can see the wonderful scene here:

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