A stray cat has taken up home at Gong San Sung, an old mountain castle in the city of Gongju near the South Korean capital of Seoul. Nobody has a clue as to how she got to where she is.

When the tourists pass by she doesn’t move an inch, just stays sitting in the same spot and she doesn’t have the appearance of a typical stray cat.

As soon as the individuals had departed, the cat began to stir and meow, and it was at this point that they realized she had lost one of her legs. A group of four kittens emerged from under the stronghold, one by one.

They all seemed to be in wonderful health, indicating that she was taking excellent care of them despite her injuries. Whenever someone approaches, however, the kittens flee to their hiding area.

Due to the lack of food in the area and the fact that it is geographically separated from the rest of the city, it is an unusual spot to raise kittens. When mother quits nursing the kittens, the mountaintop will become a tough area for them to get food in the future.

It was speculated that this loving mother cat had been abandoned up in the mountains by a human who no longer desired her since she was so affectionate towards humans. It was determined that the wisest course of action would be to apprehend this family and provide them with an opportunity for a better life.

As a result, a trap with food was put up, and the kittens began to enter one by one in order to consume the food. Of course, the mother cat was simple to capture since she was nice, and the whole brood was sent down the slope to the clinic for examination.

The kittens, two females and two boys, were all in high condition, which indicated that their mother had taken excellent care of them despite her infirmity. The veterinarian said that the mother was fortunate in that she did not get an infection as a result of her injuries, but that she must have been in excruciating agony the whole time.

Now that the whole family is secure at the clinic, they will be placed up for adoption as soon as possible. What an incredible and very courageous mom cat you are.

By Elen

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