It’s wonderful to finally have Bubby’s permanent home after years of being on his own. Despite having had a terrible upbringing, Bubby has been adopted by two great homes. It all started with Baby’s adoption by rescue volunteer Sarah MacLeod in 2012, when the narrative of his life began.

Boyd Abbott’s kitchen in central Newfoundland was where he was discovered. Abbott was in the process of putting food out for another stray cat when he was astonished by the three-legged visitor. According to a Facebook post by MacLeod, that unfortunate day resulted in his developing a connection with a three-legged kitten.

Abbott’s cat started to pay him frequent visits at his home as a result of this. “His visits became more frequent, and soon he had his own chair, china, and was given the name Bubby,” according to the article. Abbott intended to retain Bubby for the long haul, but Bubby had a strong desire to explore the outdoors.

Over the course of the following five years, Abbott and Bubby built a unique friendship. He admits in the essay that he wasn’t a trusting person by nature, but he developed an emotional attachment to the guy. According to ABC, Abbott’s daughter, Rhonda Wiseman, claimed her father woke up every morning thinking about Bubby when she was a child.

A tragic incident in 2017 led to Abbott’s passing. He wished for Bubby to be cared for by his extended family. Unfortunately, Bubby only came to the home once and never returned after he passed away.

Bubby’s Happily Ever After

Even today, two years after Abbott’s passing, we know very little about Bubby’s life and times. It was discovered in 2019 that the orange cat was once again lurking about his residence. Ray Pinsent, a cat enthusiast who had seen that Bubby was moving more slowly and was having difficulty living on his own, went out to capture him.

Macleod was working as a volunteer at the Exploits Valley SPCA, where Pinsent had taken Bubby until he died in December 2020. According to the group’s Facebook post, Bubby was dehydrated and weak as a result of a severe winter storm. Because it seemed probable that he wouldn’t make it through the next storm, the shelter set him on the path of recovery.

Wiseman compared MacLeod’s attachment with Bubby to her father’s love with the cat, which had likewise bloomed with the arrival of MacLeod. Once he had recovered from his injuries, Bubby was sent to the shelter, where it was agreed that she should be fostered by MacLeod, who lived far away from the rescue facility. MacLeod’s boyfriend, on the other hand, warmed up to him almost immediately.

A golden-year-old cat enjoys his new home and his new parents’ care now that he is in his golden years. A happy ending is made even better by Wiseman’s continued visits to Bubby.

By Elen

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