Has this kitty got a bad case of Cattitude?

Seems that she likes to lay claim to everything in the house!

Continue reading to learn about a lovely tuxedo cat that has a really peculiar behavior. Her favorite thing to do while she is hanging out around the home is to place her paws on the items that are around.

She might perhaps be telling her people that everything in the home is their property.

Her human says: “She’s very active, and happy. Simply a little drama queen, she enjoys stretching out while she’s just lounging around the house.”

Apparently, she doesn’t want anybody else to touch her paws, even myself. Her human attempts to keep them in her grasp at all times, but she yanks them out. With a lot of cattitude, she is a very protective kitten.

And when an item is too far enough for her to reach, she just puts out her rear leg to indicate that she has taken ownership!

This is definitely my bed…

Everything in the house is MINE!

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By Elen

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