The Maine Coon is a breed of cat that most cat enthusiasts dream of owning. They are considered to be the monarchs of the cat breeds, and who wouldn’t want to be the proud owner of an extra-large, fluffier, and prettier cat? Consequently, most people hunt for these cats all over the globe, and those who already own one of these cats constantly pose for photographs, making everyone else envious of their possession.

These magnificent animals may grow up to 40 inches in length and are available in a whopping 75 distinct color schemes. It is their long, multilayered hair as well as their huge paws that give them the appearance of little tigers. Their thick coat provides them with the protection they need to survive the winter months, and one idea indicates that they are descended from Norwegian Forest cats, who may have arrived in America with the Vikings centuries ago, according to another belief.

For those who are passionate about the Maine Coon breed, you will most likely like hearing about the adorable little boys that we are about to show you in the following paragraphs. Recent images of a kitten litter from a cattery called Catsvill County went viral, with people immediately detecting something peculiar about them: their features were remarkably unique from human faces, and many recognized that they did indeed seem like grumpy old men!

You could have some amusing experiences with elderly guys who get enraged too quickly and who seem to be a great deal depressed. They don’t contribute to the happiness of others and just exist for the sake of being. Even if you don’t want to think of our cat beauties as having these characteristics, you have to acknowledge that their features have a striking similarity to those of elderly men.

It is difficult to tell these five kittens from from one another since they are all so similar in appearance. They are all gorgeous and adorable, and no one can resist falling in love with them despite the fact that they have grumpy human features!

So, if you enjoyed their pictures let us know whether you can also see them as old men!

By Elen

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