The four-eared, four-month-old Russian Blue cat spends much of her time cuddling with the family’s two Labrador retrievers, as well as playing and lounging on the family.

Not only do her ears distinguish her from the crowd, but she also has a white patch in the form of a heart on her belly that adds to her unusual appearance.

Although Midas’s Instagram account was just launched three weeks ago, it already has approximately 45,000 followers!

Despite the fact that she has two additional ears as a result of a genetic mutation, it has no harmful impact on her health.

She is best friends with the family dog Suzy.

Midas’s mother was a stray who gave birth to her and six other kittens in a garden that belonged to a friend of Canis, Midas’s human father.

Midas first appeared on Instagram three weeks after she was adopted by Canis and her boyfriend, and she has since gained a large following.

In a garden belonging to Canis’ friend, Midas’ mother, who had been abandoned, gave birth to her six siblings. Canis adopted the kitten and raised her and her siblings until she was an adult.

Midas will be subjected to further health examinations by the veterinarian to ensure that she does not have any other genetic anomalies in her system.

Midas has been settling in well to her new home, and she can often be seen relaxing in her bed or playing with her siblings and toys in her spare time.

“She is a really playful cat,” said the owner. ‘But he’s also quite nice,’ Canis said. “sleeps all day and is up all night,” says the author.

“She enjoys sleeping on my breast or on my shoulder. She enjoys playing with yarns (we have a lot of them due of my business), and she snatches them and hides them in places we can’t find them.”

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