Jules Verne once wrote: “I believe that cats are spirits descended to earth. They have the ability to walk on clouds without falling through, in my view.

And cats of the Highland Fold breed not only prove this, but they are also very similar to clouds in their appearance. This is a Scottish Fold cat, as the name suggests. They are the most happy and, at the same time, the most quiet of all the felines.

They are very soft and fluffy. Lastly and maybe most significantly, they are intelligent creatures with which it is quite simple and delightful to form friendships.

This species is known for having a gentle and docile nature. They immediately get friendly with everyone in the household. Furthermore, if kids remain at home all alone for a period of time, they will not experience feelings of loneliness and boredom.

If possible, it is recommended that you get these fluffy kittens only from specialist catteries or from prominent and trustworthy breeders.

Furthermore, the kittens will be vaccinated immediately upon arrival at the cattery, and, which is not insignificant, they will be issued with a passport and a pedigree of superior quality.

For the time being, just enjoy looking at photographs of these adorable fluffies and let them brighten your day. Take a look at their adorably round eyes and plush fur. You simply want to grab them in your arms and cuddle them forever.

By Elen

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