When Hayden Winter returned home from work late Tuesday night, he had planned to eat dinner and then go to his room. When he returned to his room, he realized that someone had gotten there before him and had done it before him.

As she crept between Winter’s sheets and comforter, she raised her eyes to meet his, as if he were an intruder in their home.

A stray cat Winter saw on the streets of Istanbul was Fezgin. Winter knew her.

“Istanbul is really a city of cats and dogs,” Winter told The Dodo. People simply feed them, and they become a part of the community, which is amazing.”

When Winter peeked out his window, he discovered that Fezgin had made her way through a hole in the screen and had set her residence in his bedroom. He indicated that this wasn’t the first time she’d broken in, but that she didn’t generally jump into his bed when she did so this time.

The winter said, “She’s a touch mischievous.” “She’s constantly experimenting with something.”

Winter documented her burglary with a few images, which she then posted on Catspotting, a hidden Facebook community where her intrusion was widely publicized.

Winter is contemplating letting Fezgin remain in his room if she needs to throughout the winter, despite the fact that she did not spend the night before.

He is certain that if she is in need of warmth, she will appear on her own initiative.

“I’m convinced she’ll return,” Winter expressed confidence. “She’s the boss, just like other cats in Istanbul,” says the author.

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