A pregnant cat began walking around in the yard of the city clinic, and the staff became upset. All of the clinic’s personnel and visitors fell head over heels in love with her right away. They began to feed her on a daily basis, and they were also able to approach her and caress her.

The cat was very affectionate and sociable, which was unusual for cats. Within a few days, the cat had vanished from sight, only to reappearance a few days later at the hospital’s main entrance. She was not alone; instead, she was accompanied by her kittens who had just been born.

She took her kittens to the oculist one by one, and the people did not in any way hinder her path, but rather made room for her to do so. Mommy notified the doctors that her kittens were in need of help.

The doctors were taken aback by the animal’s ability to think for itself. The cubs’ eyes were inflamed and they were unable to open their eyes.

They were examined by an ophthalmologist, who then consulted with a veterinarian for advice. The kittens were rescued and given medical attention as a result.

Following medical treatment, the kittens were able to open their eyes and take in the beauty of the world in all its forms. They are in perfect health, and nothing poses a danger to their survival.

When the kittens grew older and stronger, the clinic staff took them home, while the intelligent kitty remained at the hospital, where she was adored by the patients and staff.

By Elen

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