This wonderful boy was born with a cleft palate, which prevented him from eating at birth.

Bentley Bayerse is his name, and he resides in the state of Michigan.

Since his birth, he has been able to eat much more easily than he was able to do before.

Despite the fact that he is becoming stronger by the day, he still feels different from the other children. Fortunately, he is no longer alone!

A dog with a cleft lip, who was only 2 months old, was discovered when the boy’s father, Brandon, went to an animal shelter to adopt two chickens. Brandon decided to adopt the dog.

It didn’t take him long to approach Ashley, a lady who worked at the establishment, and tell her that they should adopt the dog.

When he learned that his son and the puppy had something in common, he recognized that he needed to bring the dog home so that his son could grow up knowing that he and his puppy buddy had something in common, and that this was something that was entirely normal.

He approached him, held him strongly, and kissed him on the lips. Within a short period of time, it is evident that these two will become inseparable friends.

According to the shelter’s personnel, the puppy’s physical characteristics may vary from those of other dogs, but this will not create any difficulties and he will grow up normally. The puppy is in excellent health at the moment.

Even so, Bentley will still need bone marrow transplantation when he is an adult, but at least this time he will have his new furry best friend at his side, who will assist him in overcoming any difficulties and become even more resilient.

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By Elen

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