It was a tremendous experience for the dog called Basta when his previous owners deceived him, and the animal suffered as a result. While they had the best of intentions and cared for Basta, they were unable to prevent him from being euthanized.

Basta is a huge, yet peaceful and gentle dog that was very dedicated to her family and would do anything for them. Her old owners, despite their treachery, continued to be missed by her. It seemed like the dog was crying all the time, particularly at night, when we were also not with him. But it wasn’t until after a few months that the animal started to settle down, though he still periodically comes to the gate and screams, perhaps in an attempt reach out to his old owners.

Time cures all wounds, and the basta eventually became used to her new existence. The dog started to get more comfortable, became more calmer, and at times began to display his personality. As expected, she has the disposition of an average terrier. Not only does she refrain from fighting and inflicting harm on other animals, but she also does not allow herself to be injured. Any effort to harm her was greeted with a resounding defeat.

Puppies trying to play with Basta are not welcomed, at first she tolerates them, but when they become bothersome, she starts to teach them the standards of conduct, sometimes “with words” and more frequently “with acts,” although she employs physical force more for the purpose of ostracizing them. Not all adult dogs like being the center of attention, and children often exceed the line between politeness and decency in their attempts to be the center of attention.

Basta is more patient with others than most individuals. Even though she enjoys affection and reacts to it enthusiastically, she does not force her presence on others. She comes to say hello every morning — she places her head on your lap and patiently waits to be caressed or rubbed behind the ears by your fingers.

By Elen

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