Five years have passed since Kaylee Schmidt and her fiancé, Orion Metheny, first met. They did not have much in common, except for one major point of disagreement: Metheny was never fond of animals.

Even though Metheny loves animals, he isn’t sure whether he would want to have his own. Schmidt, on the other hand, had grown up with cats and was looking forward to the day when she and her fiancé would be able to leave behind their beloved family cat, Nala when they eventually got married.

The fact that her fiancé was plotting anything was completely unknown to her.

He realized that I was upset at the prospect of losing Nala. Schmidt, now Schmidt-Metheny, said in a statement to The Dodo. I’ve spoken about having a cat once we were married. He recognized how much pleasure a cat would bring me and how much easier it would be to relocate with one. As a result, the wedding day seemed like the perfect moment.”

When Metheny learned about a little cat that had been abandoned and was spotted roaming about their area, he believed it to be a twist of fate. He made the decision to adopt the tiny cat, whom he later called Chloe, and give her to his future wife on the day of their wedding. When he approached their photographer, Megan O’Dell of Wild and Wonderful Photography, with his plan, he couldn’t have been more excited.

When O’Dell arrived on the wedding day, he prepared the couple for their “first look” photographs, which would let them see each other dressed up shortly before the ceremony began. In the meantime, Schmidt-Metheny was reassured by O’Dell that Metheny had prepared a surprise for her.

In Schmidt-words, Metheny’s “I have to confess that there was a part of me that wished for an animal, but I didn’t think it would happen.” I remember Orion being apprehensive when we discussed getting a cat in the past. Orion said, “On top of that, I couldn’t hear any animals making sounds while I was still turning around, so I figured the surprise was something else.”

At long last, Schmidt-Metheny turned around, and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she looked down and saw her fiancé cradling Chloe.

My first words, I suppose, were “Shut up!” or something along those lines. “It took me by surprise and I couldn’t believe he was toting a cat,” Schmidt-Metheny said. And then I started to cry because I understood that this was our kitten that we would be keeping!

After a few brief moments of astonishment, Schmidt-expression Metheny’s changed to one of sheer happiness as she and her future husband embraced their new family member in their arms.

Schmidt-Metheny was delighted to have a kitten with which to begin their new life, and little Chloe seemed to be similarly delighted with her new owners.

Schmidt-Metheny characterized Chloe as “calm and loving.” “Which is strange to think about nowadays, given how rowdy and busy she is!”

As a result of taking the images, the couple briefly split from Chloe in order to marry, but they were overjoyed when they were able to bring her home and begin their new life with her later. In her new home, Chloe has settled in well, and her parents can’t imagine their lives without this animal.

Schmidt-Metheny expressed her delight, “She’s thrilled.” The two of us love playing with her, and she has been a fantastic addition to our tiny family! ”

By Anna

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