Dogs, like hyperactive youngsters, like to participate in entertaining activities. Even if they actually end up violating a few regulations in the process, our canine counterparts don’t seem to mind as long as they’re having a good time.

One playful Newfoundland is reminded not to pull the cushion off the sofa as a result of this. It doesn’t matter how often the dog’s fur sister “reprimands” him, the canine will keep doing whatever it wants.

In this endearingly humorous video clip, Samson, a brown-furred Newfoundland with a kind disposition, rests easily in front of the camera. At first glance, one may believe Samson is just putting on a few postures for a photoshoot.

Sierra, Samson’s fur sister, bursts into the room while she is doing some backflips, and Samson is forced to leave. The distracted Newfoundland can’t help but notice Sierra’s abrupt appearance and give her a sideways look.

When Samson notices Sierra sitting on the sofa, he promptly saunters up to her place, presumably to check on her. However, before the child and her mother can intervene, Samson begins pushing on the enormous cushion on which Sierra is resting, causing her to fall.

Okay, that’s alright. You are free to do anything you desire.
As the film progresses, Samson’s aggressive pulling on the couch pillow continues unabated. Samson continues to do as he pleases, no matter how much Mom and Sierra try to discourage him from engaging in such behavior.

Eventually, the enormous dog even drags the cushion across the floor, much to the displeasure of his owner. When Sierra notices this, she instantly tries to put a stop to Samson’s rampage while sitting on the enormous cushion.

Sierra, on the other hand, can’t make Samson alter his mind, even if she places her whole weight on the cushion. While Sierra is sitting on the cushion, Samson pulls the cushion around the floor without pausing for a second.

Which of the following do you believe Mom and Sierra did in response to their naughty dog’s actions? More information may be found by watching the video linked below.

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