Although they may seem strange, the animal kingdom also produces some of the most wonderful interactions you’ve ever seen, and this particular encounter is no exception. What seems like something out of a fairy tale is truly happening in this farmer’s barn: a chicken is looking after three small kittens. The father even managed to capture the sweet incident on camera, which quickly went viral on the internet!

As is customary, there are a variety of animals on Goran A. Surchi’s farm, and they all coexist peacefully; they include everything from dogs to cats, goats and sheep, and even birds. In spite of this, the Kurdish farmer never taught his animals how to connect in the kindest manner possible. However, when three orphaned kittens needed assistance, they were surprised to find it in an unexpected place. A mother hen came to their aid, providing them with food, shelter, and comfort.

After hearing the kittens screaming one day, Goran went to check. When he discovered that the meows were coming from the chicken coop, he became concerned that the hen and her young chicks were in danger. The reality, however, was very different. Rather than abandoning them, the mother hen opted to take the defenseless kittens beneath her wing and keep them warm until they could be found.

In response, the farmer stated that he had been hearing meows coming from his chicken coop for quite some time. “I became intrigued as to what was going on since our chicks may be in danger,” he said. When I discovered that the meows were coming from beneath the chicken, I decided to videotape it so that I wouldn’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and to my astonishment, there were three lovely kittens.

Watch the video here:

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