An 8-year-old orange tabby cat made it through the Marshall Fire, which was one of the most devastating in Colorado history on December 30. Rescuers found him in Louisville, Kentucky, which was one of the hardest-hit cities and had been on fire for two days.

To give you a sense of the scope of the disaster, the fire scorched over 6,200 acres, destroyed 1,000 houses, and caused 35,000 people to flee their homes. It’s amazing that this cat managed to survive the catastrophic fire in the face of all of the odds. The next day, on January 4, someone came upon him and brought him to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley for care and adoption.

Unfortunately, this kitten, who has been assigned the number 49568957 for the time being, sustained serious burns as a result of the fire. The Humane Society, on the other hand, claims that he has made “an amazing development.” They are now attempting to locate his family in order for him to return home. While it’s possible that they had given up hope that their cat would survive such a catastrophic fire, he was still waiting for them. Don’t you wish you could be there to witness the reunion?

Watch the video below:

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