Do you know Polite Cat? A Polite Cat is a response photograph of a cat called Ollie staring at the camera with a “polite” attitude. The meme originated from a June 2018 post on 9GAG, a comedy website. This is a pretend text messaging exchange between a landlord and a tenant. The landlord informs the tenant that pets are not allowed. However, after the landlord sees a picture of the pet, he makes an exception because the pet behaves well.

The Internet took this picture to a new level, from obscure jokes to endless Facebook and Instagram posts. The Polite Cat has also been painted on a wall, not merely on paper.

Most people tend to like Ollie because he is courteous, adorably cute, and a cat (which, let’s face it, kitties are a godsend to the world) and because he is a cat. Enjoy the photographs and videos of Polite Cat that are provided here.

Watch the video of this cute cat here…

By Anna

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