When it comes to friendship, no barriers exist between people because of age, race, ethnicity, religion, or (in this instance) species.

Take, for example, this Bengal tiger cub called Hunter and a German Pointer puppy named Chelsea, who, despite their obvious differences, became the best of friends over the years.

Chelsea and Hunter are barely three weeks apart in age, and both are under the care of the Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa, where Chelsea is the female.

Hunter, the tiger cub, was rejected by his mother only a few days after he was born, which was a tragic turn of events for the family.

Unfortunately, his mother began to exhibit hostile behavior towards him, which necessitated his being taken from her.

As Anthea Michaletos, a shelter worker, said, “We assume Hunter was born at a time when the female must have been compromised in some manner since she rejected him.”

Anthea has made it possible for these two to become inseparable.┬áChelsea will go to his cage and meet him in the mornings when I take her out for a walk, “she said.

It is really beneficial for him to have a four-legged companion since he can play with him in the same manner that he would with another littermate.

He was the lone cub in his litter, and it was critical for him to have a friend to play with.

In fact, the puppy grows depressed if they are apart throughout the day because of the importance of companionship in their lives.

This unusual pair spends a significant amount of their time playing together under the watchful eye of the caregiver.

Hunter will reach the age of six months in a few months, according to Anthea, and it will be harmful to Chelsea if they continue to play if they do not break up their link then.

At this time and age, Chelsea does not seem to have any pain, and their beautiful relationship may continue indefinitely.

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