Several images of a devoted dog in Wuhan, China, have gone viral this week after a local with the surname Xu shared them on social media. The photos show the dog sitting on the sidewalk of the Yangtze Bridge.

When looking at the images, it was clear that the dog was sitting on the bridge, his eyes fixed intently on the river below. As it turned out, he had been waiting for his owner, who had committed himself by jumping into a river nearby.

This heartbreaking picture was observed by a dog who had followed his owner to the bridge, according to reports on May 30. The CCTV film was scrutinized by the bridge police, who verified their suspicions.

Xu stated his desire to adopt the dog and provide him with a loving home on social media, and the dog responded positively. Unfortunately, the dog refused to eat or drink anything that Xu offered him. The kind guy attempted to pick up the dog, but the dog became frightened and ran from his grasp. It is clear that the dog still hopes that his beloved owner would come back.

When Du Fan, the director of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (Wuhan SAPA), came across Xu’s post, he and other volunteers immediately went on a search for the animal. He also called for the public to assist if they had any useful information about the dog.

“We are still hopeful that the dog will find a new home. “We believe it’s awful that such a faithful dog would end up straying on the streets,” Du Fan expressed his feelings.

Thousands of people on social media were brought to tears because of the pooch’s devotion. No one knows what motivated the dog’s owner to jump into a river, but we hope that the devoted dog will be given another opportunity to live in a loving home with another family.

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