Said Zarate, a garbage collector from Mexico, recently saved a puppy that had been stuck in a canal grate and needed to be rescued.

Earlier this month, Zarate and his co-worker were working when they saw a dog drifting helplessly in the water. I could see right away that he was stuck within the canal and in serious need of help.

“I saw something moving in the water,” Zarate said to The Dodo newspaper. It took me a long time to figure out that it was a dog.” “I instructed my spouse to put down the phone.”

Zarate rushed off the vehicle without a second’s hesitation and grabbed an empty bag to which the dog might hang. The dog, on the other hand, was so tired that he was unable to maintain his grasp on the bag.

Fortunately, Zarate didn’t give up and was successful in saving the dog. Finally, he was able to get the dog near enough for him to be able to lift him to safety on his own.

By Elen

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