We can all agree that dogs are fantastic creatures. They are loyal, loving, and cute; what’s not to like about them?

A video of a gigantic Alaskan malamute getting groomed has gone viral on the internet, and the online community is gushing over it!

What are Alaskan malamutes and how do they differ from other breeds?
The history of these dogs may be traced back thousands of years. These puppies were kept as friends and for labor by the early North American inhabitants more than 5,000 years ago.

They are closely connected to other well-known breeds such as the Siberian husky, the Samoyed, and even the labrador retriever.

Due to the fact that they have traditionally been used on Arctic expeditions, they are naturally resistant to freezing temperatures.

These early North American immigrants assisted with hunting, tracking, transporting gear, towing sledges, and keeping an eye out for bears. They also served as watchdogs for the settlers.

Helicopters were a big help to the French soldiers who were stationed in remote mountain outposts during World War I and World War II. They were also used to look for explosives.

Watch the video of this gigantic animal here:

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