The unhappy eyes of this lovely shelter cat hint at a life filled with loss and suffering — but that sad expression only tells half of the story.

This particular stray cat, now known as Nutmeg, was discovered in September of last year and taken to Lollypop Farm, which is run by the Humane Society of Greater Rochester in New York. A lot of hardship had undoubtedly been endured by the cat, who was estimated to be 5 years old. He had been malnourished, had his ears injured, and was suffering from a sinus infection.

His continually anxious expression indicated that he’d run out of hope.

When Paige Doerner, the shelter’s communications expert, first saw Nutmeg, she said, “he appeared to be the saddest cat on the entire planet.”

Despite the fact that Nutmeg had lost hope, his rescuers had not.

In spite of the lingering sorrow on his face, the tiny cat’s health began to improve, and his endearing personality began to shine through more and more. It was a forever home that Nutmeg truly desired, but potential adopters were unwilling to take the time to get to know him.

During the next nine months, he was cared for by Lollypop Farm and foster families in the area. However, this has just changed.

Last weekend, the “saddest” cat finally found what he’d been looking for all along: a family who would love him for who he is, regardless of his appearance.

“Nutmeg was adopted by a young couple who fell head over heels in love with him the moment they set eyes on him!” Doerner went on to clarify. “According to the adoption consultant who arranged Nutmeg’s meet-and-greet with his new family, they were happy with Nutmeg and couldn’t wait to take him home,” she said.

Nutmeg’s family shared a snapshot of their new pet at home on social media a few days later, and the expression on his face says it all.

“We simply liked the photo his new owners sent us, which included Nutmeg’s adorable smile!” Doerner expressed himself. “Everyone who knew Nutmeg at the shelter saw what a wonderful, unique kitten he was — so seeing him pleasant, happy, and adored in his new home was perhaps the finest reward of all.”

Nutmeg’s expression may have been distinct, but the sorrow he was experiencing was not. In addition to Nutmeg, there are many other cats in shelters looking for new homes, just like the couple who adopted him.

In addition, Doerner expressed hope that more people will choose to adopt and begin their own journey with a shelter pet. “We know they’ll have a lot of fun with their new feline family member,” he said.

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