Going to the beach seems like a fairytale for many of us. However, when this ginger kitten got there for the first time, he learned that the sun and sand come with a huge disadvantage: the breeze.

Pumpkin is an active feline who has always enjoyed playing outside and visiting new places, so when his family decided to go to the beach, they decided to take Pumpkin and his brother Moustachio with them.
Pumpkin and Moustachio have an everlasting relationship and were adopted together as kittens after being rescued by the family.

We just couldn’t leave Pumpkin. We adopted him and his brother Moustachio since they were inseparable,» their family told Bored Panda.

Pumpkin has a neurological disorder that impairs his motor skills. Despite his clumsiness, Pumpkin never allows his disability to keep him back. The wind, on the other hand, is a different story.
Pumpkin seemed to enjoy the thrilling new vista and clean air when the family initially arrived at the beach. But the air quickly turned a bit too crisp.

Pumpkin made it clearly known that he was not fond of the strong winds when they reached the beach. We can’t stop laughing since the dissatisfied kitten produced the most delightfully dissatisfied looks.

Pumpkin isn’t afraid to express his emotions, and he was emphatic about the high winds blowing at the beach.

We haven’t seen such a displeased attitude for a long time.

Maybe hitting the wind will end up it.

Pumpkin and Moustachio started off as adopted kids, together with their mother and two siblings.

When it came time to find them permanent homes, the family couldn’t say goodbye to the united little duo.

They adopted both of them, and Pumpkin and Moustachio couldn’t have asked for a finer or more wonderful home.

And besides, not every family would take their daring kittens to the beach.

And his amusing reaction to the wind has fascinated the internet.

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