Meet Maui the stowaway!

This small calico cat found her way onto an oil rig in the middle of the ocean.

Nobody knows how she got there, but it’s thought that this three-month-old cat was hunting for food and crawled inside a cargo container while it was being loaded.

They didn’t see her until they arrived at the Maui B Platform, roughly 50 kilometers off the coast of New Zealand.

When the employees spotted their small visitor, they lavished her with sardines and fresh water.

She was taken aback at first, but was quickly reassured by all the love and embraces from the males on board.

They used a thick slice of bacon to get her into a cage borrowed from a local vet, then placed her aboard a specially requested chopper and transported her to St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic.

“Once Maui came from her unique helicopter flight, she was examined by our Veterinarian, Gemma,” the clinic reported.

“She was shy, but she completed the vet’s health exam with flying colors.” She became a bit muddy while exploring the rig, so we gave her a bath, towel dry, and to make it all better, she was given food and a comfy bed.”

One of the rig employees who cared for Maui throughout her trauma persuaded his wife that she should live with them, so all’s well that ends well, and Maui has a new family.

“Little Maui is doing well; she just went to her new permanent home yesterday.” “Everyone at St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic is already missing her,” the clinic told Love Meow.

By Nareh

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