Do you believe that technology has solely had an impact on people’ lives?

Who in today’s society does not utilize phones, televisions, computers, and other electronic devices? Every family has these important devices, which have become a part of daily existence, and life would be incomplete without them. Our cats, like us, had to adapt to the new routine and get accustomed to things. Cats are intelligent creatures that know what is best for them. So, even as the world changed, they learned how to adjust to their new lives and live as if there was no tomorrow. They’ve perfected it everything, whether it’s playing, bird-watching, hunting a mouse, or even napping!

1. Won’t let you work!

2. Kitty loves the heat!

3. Well, it’s still a ‘mouse’ after all!

4. Is anything even real anymore?

5. Yarns or wires? What’s better?

6. Sleepy cat in trouble!

7. Cat with cats…

8. Now you can go fishing anytime, anywhere!

9. Well, cats are better at this than humans!

10. Kids these days, I tell you…

11. We upgraded to a nice house though!

12. You’ve got to upgrade the game!

13. Making memories with the hooman!

14. Bird-watching with the buddies!

15. It’s playtime!

By Nareh

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