One lady in Singapore was heading home when she came across an entertaining sight: a cat sitting on the void deck of the Housing and Development Board, watching two rats battle against each other. She snatched her phone and recorded a video of the whole incident, which she then posted on Facebook.

“I was driving home when I came upon this funny scene!” Cheez Goh shared her thoughts on her Facebook page. “Cats fighting is something we’re accustomed to witnessing. However, have you ever seen rats fighting? A cat that never interrupts is a cat who is intelligent. Can you guess which rat the cat was chasing after? That which goes away from me or that which approaches me in the direction I want to go?

When speaking with Bored Panda, Cheez explained her encounter with the two rats: “I was driving home on the 8th of July about 10 p.m. when I saw those two rats racing and following each other around trying to irritate one another, then they went different ways while I was recording it.”

“Then it occurred again, and I instantly recorded it on camera.” When I arrived at my block, they were already rushing around because I heard some noises.” A cat, it turned out, was witnessing a struggle between two rats.

So, what happened after that? “After a while, the two rats gave up and went their own ways. One rushed away from the camera, while the other approached the camera from where I stood. It raced towards me without seeming to know I was documenting the procedure. As it approached me, I scared out, producing an abrupt movement. The rat then fled for its life, which drew the cat’s attention and caused it to dash at it. The cat, on the other hand, missed because the rat had gone down the sink. “Wow, that rat was lightning quick!”

You may watch that epic battle here:

By Nareh

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