In the midst of the downpour, a young lady rescued a little abandoned cat. The tiny one was terrified and refused to go near her savior until she had experienced firsthand what it felt like to be loved and adored.

“I was resting in a coffee shop in Korea during the monsoon season in 2012, and it was pouring rain. I kept hearing a faint kitten sobbing, but I figured it was a neighbor’s cat. I realized I was still hearing a cat after a few hours, so I went outside in the storm and saw this poor little creature in a cardboard box out in the rain… so I snatched up the box and hurried home.”

The teeny-tiny infant was afraid and all she wanted was to be loved.

“She remained suspicious of us for the first 6–8 months after we discovered her, even after feeding and trying to play with her every day,” reddit user blacknumberone told Love Meow.

“I persuaded one of my coworkers to drive me to the vet the following day to have her examined. I got some formula and a human baby bottle (they didn’t have any for animals) and fed the baby.”

“She was so starving that she’d drink the whole bottle in less than 5 minutes.”

Kitty was still a little wary of her new human companion, but the food helped a lot.

“It was only a few months after I found her. I’m feeling a lot better and more playful!”

She was a lot more calm with people six months later.

She was a lot more calm with people six months later.

“She’d hiss and play rough yet.” When winter arrived, she actually began to warm up (by locating the hottest spot in the house, which was my lap/chest).”

She came out of her shell and repaid all of the affection she had received from her people when she understood how much they loved her.

She wouldn’t go anyplace without her human mother, and she’d never go out in the rain alone again.

They brought Kitty to the USA so she could start a new life with the woman she now refers to as her “forever human.”

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By Nareh

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