An element of a parking lot in Australia has generated a significant amount of buzz on social media.

Parking is one of the most difficult aspects of the exam, especially if you are unfortunate enough to be given the instruction to do a parallel park rather than a bay park. However, let’s be honest: bay parks are not always an easy task to accomplish either.

The good news is that a supermarket parking lot in Australia has apparently made the decision to show compassion for motorists and make an effort to alleviate the anxiety that is certain to come over you while you are attempting to back into a place with a queue of one hundred automobiles waiting anxiously behind you. After that, you find yourself in a place that is so cramped that you have to squeeze yourself down to the width of a pencil in order to even extricate yourself from your car.

The parking lot, which can be seen in Tasmania at the Glebe Hill retail mall, is similar to the majority of parking lots in that it is divided into spots by white lines.

On the other hand, this specific parking lot does not have a single white line that divides each spot; rather, it contains rectangular boxes that are placed between their respective spaces.

Consequently, this results in an increase in the size of the distance between vehicles, which makes it simpler to maneuver your vehicle into the space and also to enter and exit the garage on your own.

It is possible that the boxes would result in a reduction in the number of vehicles that can be accommodated in the parking lot; nevertheless, this is a price that I would be ready to pay.

This seems like such a straightforward solution; why haven’t we been doing this the whole time?

And a great number of others have been thinking the same thing ever since a client who was quite pleased with the service posted images of the parking lot on social media.

The motorist posted the following message on the Facebook page for Tasmania Parking Fails: “Line markings should be implemented in all parking lots using this method.”

“(It) gives you a level of confidence that it is fairly unlikely that you will get a ding in your door while you are shopping,” they explained. “Since you are parking here, you will have this level of confidence.”

“I am aware that it does not provide a 100% assurance that there will be no harm, but it is quite probable that it is successful to the extent of 95 percent.

Due to the fact that the double lines have the impact of providing more precise parking, it does not seem that there are a majority of parking failures that occur here.

The parking parks of supermarkets are notorious for having a high rate of vehicle damage, however this is not the case here.

The feature has been referred to as “genius” and “such a great idea” by viewers, while another individual who has had the opportunity to experience the parking lot personally has characterized it as a “absolutely elite parking experience.”

When automobiles are moving about in the limited area of a parking lot, the chance of a collision is almost never exactly zero; but, the increased distance between vehicles will undoubtedly make the likelihood of a collision occurring far lower.

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