Vanna White will continue to serve as the hostess but Ryan Seacrest will take up hosting responsibilities for the 42nd season of “Wheel of Fortune,” which was previously hosted by Pat Sajak.
Watching Wheel of Fortune was a way for everyone to say their last goodbyes to Pat Sajak.

When we say that everyone is included, we mean it. With 11.03 million people turning in for his goodbye, Sajak’s last show as host of Wheel of Fortune generated the biggest audience Wheel of Fortune had seen in almost four years and 1,072 episodes.

The last edition of Wheel of Fortune, which was shot in April of this year and broadcast on June 7th, received the highest audience for the show since April 29th, 2020. Among households, it had a rating of 6.22, making it the most viewed telecast of the week. Additionally, it received the most viewers overall, surpassing all other broadcast, cable, and syndicated programs (with the exception of sports). His farewell also contributed to an outstanding weekly performance, as all five of his last programs were ranked in the top 15 telecasts for the week, both in terms of the number of households and the overall number of viewers.

After serving as the host of Wheel of Fortune for a total of 41 seasons, Sajak came forth with the announcement that he will be leaving the program in June of 2023. Ryan Seacrest, who also declared a year ago that he would be taking the wheel, has taken over hosting duties from Sajak ever since his farewell program aired. Sajak has handed over his leadership responsibilities to Seacrest. The television star, who is 49 years old, said in his statement that Vanna White, who is 67 years old, will continue to serve as the hostess.

It’s really exciting to me! The people of this country have a deep affection for her since she plays such an essential role in the performance. The statement was made by Seacrest to ET in September of 2023. “She has been for so many years.” “I’m honored to be on stage with her soon.”

Season 42 will mark the formal beginning of Seacrest’s tenure as host, and he will also act as a consulting producer for the program through this season. In the wake of Sajak’s departure, Seacrest and White both thoughtfully paid respect to him. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in April, Ryan Seacrest said that they will “start taping for next fall” as soon as he completed the 22nd season of American Idol, which concluded in May.

Seacrest said to ET that he and White will have the opportunity to get to know one other via the medium of the camera. “But we met over 10 years ago, so it’s gonna be fun.”

In the meanwhile, Sajak disclosed his intentions for their future after Wheel earlier this month. There is a new employment that Sajak is going to be doing in addition to spending time with his grandkids. A new version of Prescription: Murder will include the television celebrity as the lead role. Joe Moore is scheduled to be Sajak’s co-star in the play, which is scheduled to take place at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu from the 31st of July to the 10th of August, 2025.

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