In an attempt to make light of the effects that the humidity in Miami has had on her hair, Courteney Cox is channeling her appearance from Friends.

On Wednesday, May 22, Cox, who portrayed Monica Geller on the long-running comedy, posted a humorous Instagram clip that she had taken while she was away on her vacation.

It all starts with her inside, with her hair well combed and smooth swept back. “I love Miami!” she exclaims as she opens the door and walks onto a terrace where she is standing.

As soon as she opens the door to the fresh air, her hair immediately begins to convert into abundant curls.

Cox, who is 59 years old, provides an explanation for the transformation by vocalizing a voiceover that includes one of Monica’s most well-known lines: “It’s the humidity!”

The remark was first used by Monica in an episode of Friends from the ninth season titled “The One in Barbados Part 1,” which takes place during the time when the gang is on vacation in the Caribbean. As a result of the humidity, Monica’s hair continues to grow in size during the course of the episode, and her pals do not restrain themselves from making fun of it. There comes a moment in time when Monica loses her cool and shouts out, “It’s the humidity!”

Some of the jokes that Monica’s pals made about her hair in the episode were mentioned by devoted pals fans in the comment area of the post that was published by Cox.

“That is not true,” one person wrote. I arrived with Monica, and I’m about to leave with a strange little al.

“ARE YOU LEAVING THE SUPREMES?” said a third person.

When it comes to poking fun of the haircuts of her prior characters, Cox has not been shy about doing so.

In the month of January, she uploaded a video on Instagram in which she reacted to some of the most iconic looks that she has worn throughout the course of her career. Within the video, she is approached by a person who is dressed in a gray sweater that has a photograph of her character Gale Weathers from Scream 3 having baby bangs.

This is what it is? The woman advises me not to put on the sweater. “What about the bangs? Why don’t you try? That is just absurd. This is quite humiliating.

Afterwards, she goes inside the building where a construction team is working and inquires as to whether or not they are “almost done.” As the workers turn around, it is seen that each of them is wearing a hoodie that features a photograph of one of the legendary hairstyles that Cox’s characters have had, including Monica’s well-known humidity hair.

At the same time that spooky music is playing over the film, she swiftly shuts the tarp before leaving the room.
From 1994 to 2004, Friends was shown for a total of ten seasons. Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer were some of the other actors that appeared with Amy Cox.

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